Vieil Armagnac Aged

45,00 - 88,00

Blend of Armagnacs aged for at least 10 years in oak barrels in our cellars located in the Gers.

Dress: Dark with amber and copper highlights - We do not add any sugar or caramel.

Nose: Formidable complexity built around a base of typical Armagnacs: Plum, Vanilla and White Flowers. Our Hors d'Âge is extremely complex and gradually evolves into a dozen aromas, all different from each other, revealing themselves in so many delicious surprises.

Mouth : Incredibly round and generous, very buttery and giving an impression of lightness and softness.

Agreements: It is Armagnac that must be tasted for 30 minutes to feel all its nuances. As an accompaniment to red meats and spicy dishes. Used by chefs in the kitchen.

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