Old Armagnac VSOP

33,00 - 65,00

Viel Armagnac VSOP (very superior old pale). Blend of Armagnacs aged for at least 4 years in oak barrels in our cellars located in the Gers.

Dress: Amber in color, sustained with ruby ​​highlights - We do not add any sugar or caramel.

Nose: Very complex with notes of plum and crème brûlée, and hints of white flower. We develop our VSOP to make a generous and very complex Armagnac.

Mouth : Notes of Wood, Black Pepper, vanilla and custard. In a second step, these flavors blend into a great complexity that will vary according to the tasting temperature, ranging from floral notes to flavors of baked apple.

Agreements: The right choice for making Cocktails. Delicious on dishes containing flour or pasta.

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