Aurian Mojito

Friends show up at the last minute and you don't know what to get them to drink (possibly good)? 

Don't panic, our mojito is super easy to make, and super good too 🙂 Let's go!

Limes, ice cubes and mint

Ingredients (for about 4L of mojito)

  • twenty limes
  • a piece of ginger (according to your taste)
  • mint leaves
  • a glass of sugar (the size of the glass corresponds to your sugar craving)
  • ice cubes (about thirty cubes) or crushed ice if you prefer
  • 1 bottle of Sunday Brunch 57% 70cl (wine brandy)
  • 2 bottles of lemonade with lemon 75cL TonTon Baptiste


  1. Take a carafe or other container of at least 5L
  2. Cut the limes into cubes and crush them gently with a pestle along with the mint leaves, ginger and sugar
  3. Add 70cl of Sunday Brunch and mix well with a spoon
  4. Add the two bottles of TonTon Baptiste lemonade and mix 
  5. Add ice cubes or crushed ice