Shops and wine merchants

We guarantee you quality products. During the tasting, our visitors strongly appreciate the aromas and flavors of our products and buy them. We deliver tasting aids for your stores and offer our products in various formats: in bottles or in Bag In Box. We offer you reasonable postage, seasonal catalogs for our different product ranges as well as AURIAN glasses for your store. When ordering, we offer you additional services as with AURIAN bags.

Cafe hotel restaurant

Maison AURIAN offers you sales aids, recipe ideas and cocktails made from our products. (see the recipes and cocktails tab). We offer low carriage charges and guarantee great responsiveness from our distributors and wholesalers with short delivery times. You can order our products in bottle format or in “Bag in Box” format which guarantees the product great conservation and extreme freshness. If you wish, we provide AURIAN glasses.


We want the quality and craftsmanship of our products to be reflected in the places where they are displayed. We want our products to be distributed in beautiful places, local shops, at fair prices. We offer you a solid price pyramid with different prices depending on the distribution.

Contract manufacturing

Maison AURIAN is your partner for the manufacture of your products. On the market since 1880, we offer you our expertise and know-how to develop quality products, under your own brand or for the manufacture of other products.

Thanks to our manufacturing workshops, we craft the unique product of your choice: liqueurs, traditional aperitifs, aperitif wines, beers and Armagnacs. With our wide range of infusions of plants, fruits or even spices, we offer you a wide choice of flavors for your products and in the qualities and price references that we will have established together. We start and stop the production of your product at any stage, to deliver infusions, products in bulk (by 220, 600, 1000L or full truck), or fully packaged and ready to resell. We offer our services from production (pressing, fruit infusions) to packaging, including design and labeling. Our modern and old equipment allows us to place ourselves on very large quantities as well as on much smaller quantities, and in a multitude of containers (4cl like 75cl…). We can also help you with the sourcing of your products.

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