Have a glance at our homemade fruit infusions and herbs ...

Cherry and chilli flavored wine, violet liqueur, fortified wine with truffles, etc ... Our portfolio offers a large range of flavors for our sweet wines, fortified wines and liqueurs, but what is the secret behind all this?

As an artisan, all our products are made from preparations that we make ourselves with fruits, flowers or plants. Our quality manager receives fresh fruit from our partner producers with us, and packages it with alcohol to start maceration.

Our know-how lies in:

  • the long time and controlled maceration to avoid alienating the aromas
  • the high degree of alcohol used during maceration
  • the quality and quantity of fruits, flowers or plants that we use for maceration
  • our technical knowledge for press and filtration to extract the best of every preparation

These techniques are adapted according to the time of year (seasons, temperatures, etc.) but also according to the fruits used.

Sometimes we add natural flavors to these preparations in order to find the perfect balance between the richness and intensity of fruit preparations and the precision of natural flavors.

Respect for traditional methods allows us to obtain very high quality products of which we master all the stages.

In a spirit of modernity and dynamism, we try each year new infusions and blends. The latest arrivals this year are mint-strawberry and hemp!

And you, what flavor would you like to test?