Limoncello: the queen of liqueurs

The origins of limoncello

Of Italian origins which probably date back to the time of the ancient novels, this fresh and fragrant digestive has concluded the meals of Italians for generations, and is increasingly appreciated elsewhere in the world. Although these origins go so far back in time, it is generally considered that limoncello made its debut in the form known today at the beginning of the 1900, precisely on the Italian coast between Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi (production area of extraordinary lemons). 

So good and so simple to make, limoncello is obtained by macerating lemon peel in alcohol, then reducing it to water and sweetening it. 

Did you know that even today, most traditional tables in Italy offer homemade limoncello as an after-dinner drink? 

How to consume limoncello?

Although it is increasingly assembled in cocktails, limoncello is exquisite on its own, and that's how we advise you: served chilled in chilled digestive glasses.