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Armagnac 1979 WU DRAM CLAN



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The stars were perfectly aligned on our first visit to the French town of Condom in 2020. Down in the cool cellars of AURIAN distillery, a friendship was born out of a shared passion for extraordinary drams. A year later, we returned not only for the great spirits, but also for the hospitality. In your hands, you are holding our second 1979 vintage – the Armagnac that clearly stood out from the rest. Its fruity nose with rose petal tones unveils the sweetness of salted caramel and red berries, especially of raspberries. In the mouth, the finish is remarkably long with a soft taste of leather, cocoa powder and black tea. This armagnac emits stunning amber and copper tones, proof of its pure ageing in our centuries old chais : French oak barrels, untouched by caramel, boisé, nor sugar.

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